Programmed water cut - After work hours | Corte de agua programado - Despues del horario de trabajo

2019 Mar 13 - 7:45am

Starting at 6pm today, there will be a water cut which will affect the NOAO building for the installation of a hidraulic ring. This work will take around 3 to 4 hours and the service will be restored once the work is finished.

GHG realizará hoy su empalme al anillo hidráulico, por lo que se requiere efectuar un corte de agua a partir de las 18:00 horas que afectara el edificio de oficinas de NOAO. Estos trabajos tomarán de 3 a 4 horas aproximadamente. El servicio quedará repuesto una vez finalizado el trabajo..

Concrete works South Sector Recinto | Trabajos de Pavimentacion Sector Sur Recinto

2019 Feb 28 - 7:00am
  • On this week, the contractor GHG in charge of the work will begin the concrete preparation works of the South sector of the site (see picture).
  • These jobs involve a significant amount of heavy machinery work, earthworks and also a considerable amount of noise.
  • It is recommended to avoid pedestrian traffic in the area and to take the corresponding precautions with the traffic of heavy vehicles.
  • Ear protectors are available at LSST offices for those who require it.

Access to Computer Room | Acceso a la Sala de Computadores

2019 Feb 26 - 7:15am
  • The landscaping works is being carried out, involving the removal of concrete and demolition of the area.
  • This area involves the traditional accesses to the Computer Room.
  • These accesses have been restricted to avoid conditions of entry risks.
  • Therefore, it is requested to use the alternative access and exit detailed in the picture.

- Producto de los trabajos de paisajismo se están realizando, que involucran trabajos de retirado de hormigón  y picado de losa del área.

Energy Cut - Tuesday, February 26 | Corte de Energia - Martes, 26 de Febrero

2019 Feb 21 - 8:15am
  • An energy cut has been programmed for this Tuesday, February 26 at 5:30pm, in order to reconnect the electrical feeders that were relocated
  • This cut will affect the lab area (detector room and others) and the ex SOAR offices 
  • The affected areas can be seen in the image below
  • We recommend users to program their work and to disconnect theor electrical equipment before the hour mentioned