Emergency Water Cut Stage 1 | Corte de Agua de Emergencia Etapa 1

2019 Jan 10 - 7:00am

***UPDATE: The water service was restored at 11:45 am.

We would like to inform users of an emergency water cut starting at 11 am today. The cut will affect bathrooms in Stage 1 where the SOAR offices are located.

***ACTUALIZACION: El servicio de agua fue restablecido a las 11:45 am.

Queremos informar que GHG deberá realizar un corte de agua de emergencia a partir de las 11 am el día de hoy. Este corte afectara los baños del sector oficinas SOAR (Etapa 1).


Concrete work today | Trabajos de hormigon hoy

2019 Jan 2 - 5:45am
  • On Tuesday, January 2 concrete work will take place in the are indicated in the image
  • We request users to take precaution when driving and walking through the area
  • Signalers, warning signs and cones will be installed to indicate the segregated area during the execution if the work

  • El día Miércoles 2 de enero se realizarán trabajos de hormigón en el área señalada en la grafica
  • Se solicita a los usuarios tomar precaución en la conducción y al caminar por el área en cuestión

Noisy Urbanization Work | Trabajo de Urbanizacion Ruidoso

2018 Dec 4 - 10:30am
  • This and next week urbanization work in the exterior of the new building is taking place
  • This work involves considerable noise level in the areas defined in the attached image
  • For people in the offices involved, the use of hearing protection is suggested
  • Hearing protection was supplied to users of the northeast offices and we have stock for whoever needs a pair, just come by the LSST offices
  • We appreciate your comprehension and patience during this time and the impact it may cause in your daily duties

Temporary Change in Perimeter Closing | Cambio Temporal Cierre Perimetral

2018 Dec 3 - 6:00am
  • Beginning today, Thursday November 29 there will be a change in the layout of the perimeter closing
  • This change refers to the area detailed in image 1, which will impact the interior courtyard of the offices currently used by CAS and LSST
  • The biggest impact of this change will be the closing of pedestrian transit of the door indicated in the image, which will be used exclusively in case of evacuation
  • As an alternative, we recommend using the doors in image 2, if users need to go from the computer room or other surrounding

Modulux Demolition | Demolicion del Modulux

2018 Nov 29 - 10:15am
  • Beginning Thursday, November 29, the Modulux and Motel demolition work will begin.
  • This work will increment the traffic of larger vehicles (trucks) within the Recinto on the roads detailed in image 1.
  • As risk control measures, it has been established that the areas in image 2 must be kept clear of obstacles for the safe transit of trucks. Please respect the no parking sign, cones and warning tape in the area.