Stage 5 Begins | Comienzo de Etapa 5

2019 Sep 26 - 11:30am

Next Tuesday, October 1 stage 5 of the AURA-LSST-NOAO Base Facility Project will begin. This stage, which will be executed by the Rencoret Construction Company, will have an estimated duration of 90 calendar days.

The remodeling work for this stage includes demolition of some concrete walls with equipment that generates noise. This work will be done on business days after 5:30 p.m.

Safety Recommendations, Final Activities | Recomendaciones de Seguridad, Actividades Finales

2019 Aug 28 - 12:45pm
  • GHG Construction Company continues executing activities within the framework of the project closure. Additional activities will be carried out in the short term by other contractors, in order to make improvements and finalize work in the areas.
  • We would like to remind users and residents of the Recinto to respect the signage currently installed and the segregated areas (see attached).
  • In the attached document you will find images of the areas where activities continue to be performed. These areas have been segregated and marked for your safety.

South Side Parking Open | Estacionamiento Sector Sur Habilitado

2019 May 16 - 9:45am

Starting today Thursday, May 16 the parking spaces in the south side of the NOAO building are ready to use. The 14 parking spaces are each 2,70 x 5,20 (USA standard).

A contar de hoy Jueves, 16 de Mayo se ha habilitado el área de estacionamientos del sector Sur del edificio NOAO. Estos cuentan con 14 espacios de estacionamientos, cada uno de ellos de 2,70 x 5,20 (standard USA).

Programmed water cut - After work hours | Corte de agua programado - Despues del horario de trabajo

2019 Mar 13 - 7:45am

Starting at 6pm today, there will be a water cut which will affect the NOAO building for the installation of a hidraulic ring. This work will take around 3 to 4 hours and the service will be restored once the work is finished.

GHG realizará hoy su empalme al anillo hidráulico, por lo que se requiere efectuar un corte de agua a partir de las 18:00 horas que afectara el edificio de oficinas de NOAO. Estos trabajos tomarán de 3 a 4 horas aproximadamente. El servicio quedará repuesto una vez finalizado el trabajo..