Satellite Constellations

Satellite operators continue to launch low-Earth-orbit (LEO) "constellations" of hundreds to thousands of satellites. In the future, more than 100,000 bright satellites will be visible for large portions of the night during the decade of Rubin LSST operations. In this session, we'll provide an update of the expected number of LEO satellites, the mitigation strategies that operators have attempted, and the potential impacts on Rubin science.

Session Agenda

11:00 - Introduction, Tony Tyson (UC Davis)
11:05 - Overview, Meredith Rawls (U. Wash.)
11:20 - CCD Impacts, Andrew Bradshaw (SLAC)
11:25 - Streak Masking, Adam Snyder (UC Davis)
11:30 - Variability & Glints, Hank Corbett (UNC)
11:35 - Starlink Constellation Development, David Goldstein (SpaceX)
11:45 - Starlink Hardware Development, Jake Ankari (SpaceX)
11:55 - Discussion

Tony Tyson, Rachel Street
Suggested Audience: 
community scientists
Applicable to: 
Tuesday 08/09
11:00am - 12:30pm
Tortolita A

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