COVID-19 Information

We are aware that for many attendees this will be your first in-person meeting since the COVID-19 global pandemic started and that some of you may be anxious about being around a lot of people. The following measures are in place to help you all feel a little more at ease: 

  1. Outdoor seating will be available during meal times.
  2. You may collect a sticker at reception to indicate your preference:    
    • Happy to shake hands
    • Knuckle/elbow bump
    • No physical greeting
    • Wear a mask when speaking with me
  3. We’ll support a mask-positive environment. This means we strongly encourage you to wear a mask in closed spaces and when at close distance, even if not mandated, to respect everyone's comfort and health concerns. We expect everyone to respect other people's wishes to wear a mask.
  4. Masking requirements will be determined by the CDC Community Level at the meeting location at the time of the conference. All participants will be required to mask if the Community Level is High.
  5. Bring your own polite sign, stuffed animal, or another personal object to keep chairs on either side of you empty—we will try to respect your wishes but if demand exceeds room capacity it may not be possible to limit seating in this way.
  6. Surgical masks will be available at the registration desk

If there is anything else that you can think of that might be useful please send an email to Ranpal Gill (rgill at lsst dot org). Keep an eye on the hotel website for onsite hygiene, safety, and cleanliness information.

What if there is a positive case?

If you start to have Covid symptoms and/or have a positive test at any time during the week of the meeting you should not attend the meeting until you have a confirmation of a negative Covid test. If you test positive you should inform the Safety Manager Giovanni Corvetto by email at gcorvetto at lsst dot org and if possible provide the names of attendees you may have been in close contact with so that they can be informed. The need for close contacts to quarantine will be determined by the CDC recommendations and individuals will be advised and guided by the Safety Manager. Participants should bring their own self-tests, these are available for free on most US health insurance plans (or can be purchased from the nearest Pharmacy). We plan to have a limited supply of self-tests available if needed urgently.

What about unvaccinated participants?

We require attendees who are not up to date on their COVID-19 vaccinations, as defined by CDC at, to wear a mask at all times and to keep a distance of at least 6ft/2m from other participants.

Attendees arriving from outside of the United States should review government travel guidance to confirm eligibility and requirements for travel. See

Do you have additional suggestions? Send them to Ranpal Gill by email at rgill at lsst dot org.