Connecting the Community to IDAC and SPC Resources

Background: The Rubin In-Kind program includes roughly a dozen Independent Data Access Centers (IDACs) and Scientific Processing Centers (SPCs).  These contributions aim to provide computing and storage resources to the Rubin community, along with local access to subsets of the LSST data, to support compute-intensive scientific analysis.  As will be described in a separate session, the workshop "From Data to Software to Science with the Rubin Observatory LSST", organized by the LINCC Frameworks project, identified several areas, along with specific use cases, needing software development and hardware resource support.  IDACs and SPCs have an opportunity to support these use cases through their hardware and development resources.

Goals: In this session, we will review the context outlined above and discuss the steps needed to pair specific user communities and use cases to individual IDACs and SPCs.  In-Kind IDAC/SPC providers and community scientists are especially encouraged to attend.


- Context and introduction (Olsen; 20 mins)

Five presentations to showcase examples of use case developments:

- Dash: TVS SC data portal for preliminary analysis of the variability data in LSST Data Releases (Alex Razim, 8 mins)

- Supercomputer 'Bura' as a software processing centre for LSST (Jurkic, 7 mins)

- UK Plans for and Progress with Independent Data Access Centre (Beckett, 10 mins)

- Brazilian IDAC  (Gschwend, 10 mins)

- Canadian Computing Plans (Gwyn, 10 mins)


Questions/Discussion on what science community might use IDACs and SPCs for (25 minutes)


Knut Olsen
Suggested Audience: 
In-Kind IDAC/SPC contributors, science community members, Rubin DM
Data Management
Applicable to: 
Thursday 08/11
1:30pm - 3:00pm
Dove Mountain Ballroom

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