Timezone is Pacific.

Day 1: Nov 16, 2021:

Session 1 (9:00AM-10:30AM): SCOC draft Phase 1 report and path to Phase 2 report.

SCOC work plan towards a future v3 baseline and the Phase 2 report: Zeljko Ivezic (30 min)

Simulations v2.0 and v2.1: Peter Yoachim (30 min)

MAF metrics: Lynne Jones (30 min)

Break: 10:30AM-10:45AM  

Session 2 (10:45AM-1:00PM): Analysis of v2 Survey Cadence Simulations and Science Collaborations feedback

Comparison of 1.7.1 and v2.0 baselines: Lynne Jones (15 min)

Metric trends in v2.0 simulations: Peter Yoachim (15 min)

Science Collaborations feedback for draft Phase 1 SCOC report:  SC representatives, 105 min (7x15 min)  (Zeljko moderating)

Google slides from Science Collaborations

Day 2: Nov 17, 2021: 

Session 3 (9:00AM-10:30AM): Improvements to Simulations and Analysis Tools

Refactored rubin_sim codebase: Lynne & Peter (30 min)

Tutorial session starting link Eric Neilsen (60 min)

Recording of MAF users talking with Peter and Lynne

Break: 10:30AM-10:45AM

Session 4 (10:45AM-1:00PM): Community-led session

Deep Drilling Fields discussion, Convener: Saurabh Jha and Humna Awan (45 min)

AGN, TVS microlensing, and Strong Lensing: together we stand! Convener: Angelica Kovacevic (30 min)

Missing metrics for Galactic science, Convener: Will Clarkson (30 min)

Targets of Opportunity discussion, Convener: Igor Andreoni (30 min)


Survey Cadence Optimization Information Webpage (with workshop updates):