Bootstrapping Photometric Calibration


For the first Data Release, we have plans for self-calibration of photometric data of the LSST. In subsequent years, we can use the outputs from previous years for sufficiently precise photometric calibration in native LSST bands as the data are taken. Prior to full processing for a Data Release, we need to produce photometric calibrations for images as they are taken during commissioning and during the first year. This is the “bootstrap problem”, and is analogous to the problem of producing templates for first-year LSST imaging. This breakout session will discuss plans for real-time photometric calibration during the bootstrap phase. It will include discussion of precision requirements for bootstrapped calibrations, and for requirements for reference catalog wavelength and spatial coverage and color transformations. We will also discuss how to use additional external inputs such as AuxTel spectroscopy.

Eli Rykoff
Suggested Audience: 
Data Management
Applicable to: 
Thursday 08/11
1:30pm - 3:00pm
Tortolita A

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