Introduction to Rubin Observatory: Systems, Jargon, and Acronyms

For anyone new to the Rubin Observatory or seeking a refresher on the observatory's systems (telescope and site, camera, data management, and education and public outreach), this session will place a special emphasis on jargon and acronyms.

This session could not be hosted in one of the two remote-ready rooms, and so is not available for virtual participation, but the slides for this year's session will be uploaded to this page. (Google slide deck, view-only link).

For a series of short introductory videos, see this Crash Course on Rubin Observatory and the LSST from June 2022.

Since the systems, jargon, and acronyms are mostly the same as last year, the recording FROM 2021 is posted below. Warning: a small amount of the information in the recording is very specific to 2021 (e.g., open job positions, details about the 2021 PCW breakout sessions). Jump forward in the video to learn about:

  • Communications, 2 min 50 sec
  • Telescope and Site, 11 min 10 sec
  • Camera, 19 min 00 sec
  • Data Management, 27 min 40 sec
  • Education and Public Outreach, 31 min 20 sec
  • Survey Strategy, 33 min 30 sec
  • LSST Science Collaborations, 40 min 10 sec
  • Resources to get more involved, 48 min 25 sec

Melissa Graham
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Monday 08/08
1:30pm - 3:00pm
Tortolita B

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