From Data to Software to Science

This session will feature a report from the recent "From Data to Software to Science with the Rubin Observatory LSST" (DSS) meeting hosted by the LINCC Frameworks team (LSST Interdisciplinary Network for Collaboration and Computing) and a discussion on one of the cross cutting use cases (time series tools). The DSS meeting focused on common challenges faced by astronomers carrying out their science analyses given the scale and complexity of the LSST data set. The full report identifies six technical areas where the astronomy community could come together to develop science analysis tools and software infrastructure that would enable a broad range of LSST science (e.g. time series tools, catalog cross-matching services, photometric redshifts, image classification algorithms for postage stamp images). We expect multiple sessions at this PCW (such as the photo-z session) will touch upon these cross cutting technological challenges.

In this session we will focus on time series tools. We will discuss what current approaches are proposed by the Rubin Data Management (DM) group for the RSP, any gaps between the current plans and the needs of the LSST Science Collaborations for large-scale analysis of many light curves (whether relying on the outputs of brokers or not), technical challenges in addressing those gaps, the priorities for software development work, and how the community might work together on these priorities. For each of these items there will be a brief presentation followed by discussion.


  • Outcomes from the DSS meeting (Andrew Connolly and Rachel Mandelbaum)
  • Current and Planned RSP functionality for Time Series Data (Gregory Dubois-Felsmann)
  • How do we make time series data accessible to researchers? (Mario Juric)
  • How do we analyze time series data with the RSP? (Eric Bellm, Neven Caplar)
  • LINCC summary (Jeno Sokoloski)

Everyone is welcome to participate. This session will be open for remote participation.



Andy Connolly, Jeremy Kubica, Rachel Mandelbaum
Suggested Audience: 
community scientists
Applicable to: 
Thursday 08/11
11:00am - 12:30pm
Dove Mountain Ballroom

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