Difference Image Analysis

This session will cover the scientific use cases, current status, and anticipated performance of Difference Image Analysis (DIA) with the LSST Science Pipelines.  The session will conclude with a planning discussion for DIA Commissioning plans and coordination.

Chairs: Michael Wood-Vasey, Eric Bellm


  • Update from Project [10+5 minutes]
    • Status & Metrics; Refactoring of A&L and future plans (Ian Sullivan)
  • The HSC Search for Planet 9 [7+3 minutes] (Surhud More)
  • Building templates [7+3 minutes] (Sánchez, Armstrong)
  • Dipoles and New algorithm ideas [7+3 minutes] (Shu Liu)
  • ML and Real/Bogus
    • CNN-based detections [5+2 min] (Federica Bianco)
    • Real/Bogus identification [5+2 min] (Nima Sedaghat)
  • DIA Commissioning [25 minutes]: (Bellm, Wood-Vasey, Juric, Connolly)
    • Context: Platforms (USDF/RSP), Datasets, and Metrics [<10 min] (Bellm)
    • Planning for next 3-6 months of DIA Commissioning activities [15 min] (Wood-Vasey)


Michael Wood-Vasey
Suggested Audience: 
community scientists
Applicable to: 
Tuesday 08/09
11:00am - 12:30pm
Dove Mountain Ballroom

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