Blending Workshop 1 - Challenges, Current Status and Future Plans for Addressing Blending in LSST Data Release Pipelines

  • Posted on: 14 May 2018
  • By: pburchat

As the first of two sessions to lay the groundwork for the Workshop on Impacts of Blending on LSST Science, this session will provide an overview of the blending challenges in the LSST data release pipelines, the current strategy for addressing blended objects, and the status of components of the pipeline most relevant to blended objects (e.g., the multiband deblender). 


* Peter Melchior: Blending and why it matters
* Jim Bosch: LSST Data Release Pipelines - Big Questions for Blending
* Fred Moolekamp: The current state of multi-band deblending with scarlet
* Peter Melchior: Open issues in blending and detection
* Open discussion

Google doc for scribe notes (key findings, next steps, actionable items)

For background, see these LSST DESC Blending Task Force presentations (~50 min each):