Perfect Pixels. Accurate Astrophysics. Correct Cosmology.

  • Posted on: 3 May 2018
  • By: rmandelb

A workshop with the same title as this session took place in Aspen earlier this summer, with many participants who are part of LSST DM or the LSST science community.  The focus of the workshop was on challenges in learning about astrophysics and cosmology from large survey data, all the way from observational systematics to theoretical interpretation and inference.  This session will include summary talks and discussion on a selection of topics from the workshop that are particularly of relevance for LSST.

1. Brief intro/welcome (Rachel Mandelbaum; 2 minutes)

2. The scientific impact of using coadded images, and associated algorithmic challenges (Jim Bosch; 15 + 15 minutes for presentation and discussion)

  • For background, see 06/18/2018 LSST DESC Blending Task Force presentation by Jim Bosch on "Co-addition algorithms and impacts of blending": slides, Zoom video (62 min).

3. Theoretical challenges: covariances, likelihoods, and astrophysical systematics (Tim Eifler; 15 + 15 minutes for presentation and discussion)

4. Quantifying agreement or tension between different measurements (Eric Huff; 15 + 15 minutes for presentation and discussion)

Live notes can be found here.