StoryTime-Domain Day 1

  • Posted on: 14 May 2018
  • By: abauer



What is StoryTime Domain?

It's a place to tell YOUR story in an informal setting. We will have a video booth set up at LSST 2018 on Wednesday, Aug. 15 and Thursday, Aug. 16; we invite you to sign up for a 15-minute time-slot to speak with us.

What will happen there?

You can choose to answer prompt questions, or just tell a story about your work on LSST or in LSST-related science. You can also bring a small object that has meaning for you, and is relevant to your work with LSST or your science field.

Why are we doing this?

Not everyone's work is in the spotlight, but everyone's work is important to the success of LSST. We want to highlight the real people contributing to LSST in different ways, in the U.S.,Chile, and all around the world. We're also thinking about the big picture; science storytelling gets the public excited about supporting scientific projects, and can inspire young people to pursue careers in STEM.

How will these videos be used?

Video stories collected will be archived in the LSST Project's documentation collection. The footage:

Will be edited for use in LSST's Education and Public Outreach (EPO) program
May be featured on the LSST Education Website
May be shared on LSST social media channels
May be used in videos created for classrooms
May be made available to planetariums and informal science centers

Questions we will use as prompts (You can also bring in an artifact and describe how it relates to your work with LSST)

  • Who or what influenced you to pursue the career you have now?
  • What first brought you to LSST?
  • What part of your work makes you feel proud?
  • What part of your work challenges you the most?
  • If you were asked to give career advice to a class of middle-schoolers (13-year-olds), what would you tell them?
  • What do you like to do when you’re not working?

Please contact Kristen Metzger, LSST EPO Science Writer, at with questions.