Meeting Minutes & Presentations


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Date Location Minutes Presentations
10/30/2020 Rubin SAC meeting minutes PDF icon 2020Oct30_minutes.pdf PDF icon Plans for Early Science, from Bob Blum
08/12/2019 SAC face-to-face meeting at LSST2019 File 2019Aug12_minutes.docx PDF icon Survey Strategy, by Jones and Yoachim, PDF icon Event Brokers, by Guy and Bellm.
05/01/2019 SAC report on cadence optimization white papers PDF icon OpSim_experiments.pdf
04/15/2019 LSST Response to Open Data Framework (ODF) Concept PDF icon ODF_response_April15.pdf PDF icon Presentation by Bob Blum on ODF concept
08/13/2018 LSST2018 Project and Community Workshop, Tucson PDF icon LSST_SAC_2018Aug13.minutes.pdf PDF icon Presentation by Melissa Graham: Data rights and Data Access, PDF icon Presentation by Lynne Jones and Tiago Ribeiro: Cadence Optomization
02/21/2018 Face-to-face meeting in Princeton PDF icon 2018Feb21_minutes.pdf PDF icon Willman Opening Slides, PDF icon Kahn Project Status, PDF icon Gill Communications, PDF icon Willman Data Access, PDF icon Ribeiro Scheduler, PDF icon Jones Cadence, PDF icon Bellm Event Brokers
12/08/2017 LSST SAC Phonecon Plain text icon 2017Dec08_minutes.txt
09/25/2017 LSST SAC Phonecon Plain text icon 2017Sept25_minutes.txt PDF icon Juric_Science_Platform.pdf
08/14/2017 LSST2017 in Tucson Plain text icon 2017Aug14_minutes.txt PDF icon Project-community interface/communication (Willman), PDF icon EPO and the community (Bauer), PDF icon DM and the community (Juric), PDF icon Event brokers (Willman and Bellm), PDF icon Observing strategy/cadence (Ivezic)
03/05/2017 Glendale, California Plain text icon 2017March04.minutes.txt File Goals of the meeting, File Status of the LSST Project, File Interactions between LSST and the science community, File Observing strategy, PDF icon Status of the Operations SImulator, PDF icon Lessons learned from cadence white paper, File Commissioning plans