Welcome to the Science Advisory Committee for LSST

The Science Advisory Committee (SAC) provides a formal, and two-way, connection to the external science community served by LSST.  Comprised of scientists familiar with but external to the LSST Project, the SAC advises the LSST Director on both policy questions and technical topics of interest to the Project and the science community.

Members of this committee, together with their institutions and e-mail adresses, are as follows: 

​Please contact any of the above individuals with questions, advice, or input on any aspect of the LSST science effort. 

The following are previous members of the SAC: 

Timo Anguita, Harry Ferguson, Marla Geha, Chris Hirata, Lisa Hunter, Bhuvnesh Jain, Jason Kalirai, Renu Malhotra, Rachel Mandelbaum, Dante Minniti, Ricardo Muñoz, Nelson Padilla and Michael Wood-Vasey