For those Rubin Observatory 2023 Project and Community Workshop (PCW 2023) attendees being reimbursed with Rubin Observatory/AURA funds, all travel to the Rubin PCW 2023  must be pre-approved and entered into the AURA Reqless System. Please be advised reimbursable dates are for the PCW are August 6- August 12 only. Arriving and departing prior to or after those dates will be an out-of-pocket expense for which the traveler will be responsible (with the exception of air, if applicable). Before requesting travel, familiarize yourself with Vera C. Rubin Travel Procedure and the set of instructions below that applies to you.

Travel Requests (TRs)

Travel Request Manual- AURA Project Members with Reqless access


Travel Request Form- Non-AURA Project Members 

As​​ many of you are aware, some of you do not have access to Reqless now. Please fill out the form above and submit to the appropriate person for TR submission:           

Regina Matter            SLAC and affiliates          
Angela Lewis              Princeton and affiliates
Erin Carlson                 Rubin and all others not metioned

All Travelers...

  • All rates, prices and estmates should be in USD$.
  • Round up the estimates. 
  • Once the travel request has been approved, the traveler shall coordinate their travel plans with the Travel Administrator (TA), Erin Carlson. 
  • The TA determines which flights are compliant, reasonable and allowable, while also taking any suggestions/preferences from the traveler into consideration. 
  • Recommended flights are sent to the traveler for review and selection via email. 
  • Once a reservation has been made, it must be ticketed (issued) by the end of the business day to guarantee the fare (price). 
  • A review email is sent to the traveler to approve the final arrangements. 
  • Once the TA has received a reply email confirmation from the traveler, the travel itinerary will be ticketed.
  • Fares are never guaranteed until the ticket is issued.

NOTE:  If the traveler does not respond to the TA within 48 hours, the TA will select flights from the recommended options at her discretion. The TA will issue the ticket and send the final itinerary to the traveler.

When filling out your travel request or travel request form, please make sure your estimated costs are as follows:

  • Hotel: Nightly rate at the hotel is $104.00+ tax/ night. The deadline for booking the hotel room is The July 15, 2023. Again, allowable dates for hotel reimbursement are August 6- August 12 only; dates outside of that timeline are at the travelers own expense.
  • MI&E Per Diem: Tucson, AZ:  $64.00/ full day, $48.00/ travel day; breakfast= $ 14.00, lunch=$16.00, dinner=$29.00, and incidentals= $5.00 (included in incidentals are tips, laundry service, etc)
  • Transportation to and from the Airport to the Hotel: 
    • Please take advantage of our business account with Uber or you are welcome to use any other reasonable form of ground transportation to and from the airport to the hotel.
    • Car rental is not a reimbursable expense for this meeting, unless previously approved and justified in the TR.
  • Airfare and Personal Mileage: Depending on your personal location.
    • Please esimate at least 30% above the current air prices as fares are subject to change at any moment
    • Air travel to or from Phoenix (PHX) must be previously approved and justified in the TR.

Local Meeting Attendees

There are no reimbursements associated with mileage or meals for local employees this year. TR's should not be submitted.

Take advantage of the Park and Rail to the Marriott. Park in one of the AURA lots here or here and ride the Sun Link rail- free of charge. Board at 2nd St./Cherry and disembark at SL/University/Tyndall (2 stops)
See Sun Link Summer Hours

Travel Expense Report (TER)

Travel Expense Report Manual- AURA Project Members

A final confirmation email will be sent by the Travel Administrator the week of July 24th or before.

If you have any other questions, please contact your Subsystem Manager or the Travel Administrator.