The Area

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Nearby Hotel Options

Not staying at the Marriot? Here are some close-by alternatives. 

The Tucson Marriott is in downtown Tucson, Arizona. It offers easy access to Main Gate Square, a pedestrian-friendly dining and shopping destination featuring over 20 retailers and 30 restaurants. Experience the flavors of the Mediterranean, India, Greece, Asia, Thailand, Mexico, Japan, Vietnam, and more! Open 7 days per week, and you’ll find something to eat from 6 am to 3 am.


15 Bacio Italiano L
14 Chipotle Mexican Grill
36 Geronimo Restaurant W
8 Jimmy’s Pita & Poke W L
44 Frog & Firkin W L
52 Fuku Sushi L
4 Gentle Ben’s Brewing Co. L
45 Illegal Pete’s
58 Jimmy John’s W
9 Kababeque Indian Grill L
43 No Anchovies L
61 Oriental Express W L
28 Panera Bread
2 Pei Wei Asian Diner
10 Saguaro Grill (Marriott Tucson University Park Hotel)
25 Saigon Pho W L
39 Sinbad’s Restaurant W L
55 Snakes & Lattes
24 The Blind Pig L
46 The Buffalo Spot W
31 Union Jack L
68 The Moonstone (Graduate Tucson)
57 Fullylove’s L


22 Berry Greens Juice Bar L
19 Scented Leaf Tea House & Lounge L
31 Union Jack L
5 Woops! BakeShop W L
7 Peace Love & Pops L

L: Locally Owned / Locally Franchised
W: Woman-Owned/Co-owned Business