Simulating the Rubin Optical System with imSim

The next version of imSim will include an optical ray-tracer allowing new detailed simulations of the telescope and control systems that were previously not possible. This session will primarily be a discussion between imSim developers and optical system experts to design and plan for simulating and then executing commissioning tests with the ComCam, LSSTCam and the AuxTel, using the new version of imSim. A short introduction to planned new features of imSim will be presented. Members of Science Collaborations who wish to become involved in imSim development, are interested in detailed simulations of the Rubin PSF, or who are interested in more complex simulation use cases are very welcome to attend. A main goal of this session is to better understand what control interfaces are needed to realistically simulate the Rubin optical system with the active optics engaged. An open discussion about which tests would be most useful, and which instruments and calibration devices are most important for the imSim team to be able to simulate for commissioning, will also be facilitated. Anyone with questions, suggestions, or volunteer contributions for this session are encouraged to contact the session chair.

  • Short intro to imSim - C. Walter
  • Status of Batoid and the Rubin optical raytracing system in imSim - J. Meyers
  • Brainstorming on what we need to do to perform AOS and spread-level /TMA testing using imSim before the end of the year. - All

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Chris Walter
Suggested Audience: 
community scientists, project staff
Applicable to: 
Tuesday 08/09
1:30pm - 3:00pm
Tortolita C