Safety & Environmental Compliance During Commissioning and Operation

The breakdown session of safety, health and environmental compliance during commissioning and operation will be a detailed look of the SHE management model that the Rubin Safety Observatory team will apply during commissioning and operation. The breakout will be led by Rubin's safety coordinators, and this represents a unique opportunity to learn first-hand about the project's safety approach and safety culture. For those who in the future will go to Chile either as a visitors or for the development of work, this breakout will be very useful, also for those who are interested in learning about the safety culture that Rubin workers have built over the years. , this is a very good opportunity as well . Among others, the session will cover:

  • POD - Plan of the Day Form
  • SWA - Stop work Authority Process
  • LOTO - Lockout/Tagout
  • Emergency Response during Operation
  • Equipment Safety Verification Program
Giovanni Corvetto
Suggested Audience: 
Any person that will be as a visitor or working at Summit Site during Commissioning and Operation
Data Management
Project Management
Systems Engineering
Telescope & Site
Applicable to: 
Tuesday 08/09
3:30 - 5:00pm
Tortolita B

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