Rubin Research Bytes (Virtual & Asynchronous)

The fully virtual and asynchronous venue for voluntary contributions of Rubin-related work or research, called "Rubin Research Bytes", is now described in this Rubin Community Forum topic.

There will not be a virtual breakout session for RRBs in 2022 (i.e., these RRBs are not the same as in 2021 or 2020).

The materials that participants contribute as RRBs in the Rubin Community Forum will be available online for all to peruse at any time (i.e., virtual and asynchronous).

All PCW attendees, virtual and in-person, are welcome to post RRBs. You don’t have to apply and there is no deadline. Anyone presenting an in-person poster is welcome to also contribute it as an RRB. All PCW attendees are encouraged to view RRBs and reply in-thread to ask questions or discuss the content of the RRBs. After the PCW, this category will be archived (read-only).

Instructions for how to contribute a Rubin Research Byte for the 2022 PCW.

(See also the option to contribute a physical, in-person poster.)

Science Organizing Committee
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