Project Keynote: Celebrating the Completion of the Rubin Education & Public Outreach Program

Abstract: This year the Education & Public Outreach team is finishing construction and heading into operations. In this talk, I will present the EPO program - the design and strategy that went into it as well as the program components themselves. This includes an overview of our formal education activities, our data visualization tools, our citizen science infrastructure, and other fun outreach materials the team has created. I’ll also share lessons learned throughout our time in Construction to hopefully help inform any future education and outreach activities the community will want to undertake.

Biography: Dr. Lauren Corlies joined the Rubin Education & Public Outreach team in 2018 as the Astronomy Outreach Scientist, helping to provide astronomy expertise and data to EPO program. In 2021, she was promoted to the Head of EPO, leading an amazing team of people in building fun, innovative education and outreach program. Her research focuses on using cosmological simulations to understand the flow of gas into and out of galaxies.

Lauren Corlies
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