Multi-Messenger Astronomy with Rubin Observatory

With the LIGO/Virgo/Kagra O4 and O5 runs coming up, this breakout session will discuss plans for Rubin Observatory's role in multi-messenger astrophysics -- including target-of-opportunity (ToO) follow-up for GW events and neutrinos from IceCube -- and the software frameworks needed to maximize science impact. All are welcome to participate. 

Session Agenda

  • Introduction - Raffaella Margutti
  • LIGO/Virgo Timeline - Deep Chatterjee
  • Executing Rubin TOOs - Tiago Ribiero
  • Simulations of TOO Strategy - Lynne Jones
  • SCOC perspective - Federica Bianco
  • TOO Data Processing - Eric Bellm
  • Scientific Strategy - Igor Andreoni
  • Panel Q&A
Eric Bellm, Raffaella Margutti
Suggested Audience: 
community scientists
Applicable to: 
Tuesday 08/09
1:30pm - 3:00pm
Tortolita A

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