Interacting with the Rubin Observatory Control Software: Overview

In this session we will go over the many important details about interacting with the Rubin Observatory Control System with a special focus on commissioning. Our plan is to cover the following topics:

  1. General system architecture and the different services that allows us to control and monitor the system.
  2. Review procedures in place for proposing and executing commissioning/engineering activities. 
  3. How to use the observatory control system to execute regular and advanced operations. 

We expect a substantial part of the session will be dedicated to hands-on activities, dedicated to developing and exercicing real-case operations using the existing tools. 

The session will be devided in the following topics:

  • Observatory Control System Overview: What is what (15min)?
  • What to expect when interacting with the Control System (20min).
    • Monitoring: LOVE vs EFD (5min).
    • Controlling: LOVE + ScriptQueue vs nublado (5min).
    • Logging: Alysha Shugart (5min).
    • Autonomous Operations: The Scheduler (5 min).
  • Angelo Fausti: The Engineering Facility Database, or should we call it Sasquatch (15 min)?
  • Contributing (10 min):
    • Designing your own tasks: From notebooks to SAL Scripts (5min).
    • Testing your tasks: Tucson Test Stand, Base Test Stand and Summit (5min).
  • Getting help:
    • Documentation.
    • Slack.

Slide deck:

Tiago Ribeiro
Suggested Audience: 
People expecting to execute/plan commissioning observations/activities.
Applicable to: 
Tuesday 08/09
3:30 - 5:00pm
Tortolita C