Exploring the Solar System with Rubin EPO - Part 2

Explore the Solar System with us as we work together through the online investigation, along with some assessment breaks. Afterwards we will discuss ways toimplement this investigation, including leveraging the design aspects of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and the Bases Curriculares (Chile). Learn about the timeline for future investigation releases, and options to join our community of practice.


Workshop Outline

Introduction - 10 mins

  • Introductions
  • Workshop goals
  • Working documents: Personal Implementation Plan and workshop links
  • Recap of Session 1

Start Solar System Investigation - 20 mins

  • Accessing the investigations and materials
  • Website navigation, educator mode
  • Work through section 1

​​​Checkpoints and formative assessment - 10 mins

  • How to use checkpoints and section breaks
  • Modes of formative assessment
  • Student response cards

Investigation Work, Part 2 - 25 mins

  • Continue working to Reflect & Discuss
  • DEI questions

Assessment - 5 mins

Closing Reflections and Discusssion - 20 mins

  • Work on implementation plan
  • Discussion 
  • Community of Practice 
  • Evaluation
Ardis Herrold
Suggested Audience: 
high school and college instructors, informal educators, outreach staff, interested others
Applicable to: 
Thursday 08/11
1:30pm - 3:00pm
Cochi Springs

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