Plenary 2 - Operations QA

To get an update on Rubin operations please watch the following recordings prior to the Plenary on Tuesday August 11th, 2020.  During the plenary most of the time will be dedicated to Q&A about the status. 

Ask questions:

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Pre-recorded On-Demand Plenary. 

Amanda Bauer, Bob Blum, Phil Marshall:  Rubin Observatory Operations Update PCW 2020

In this pre-recorded plenary the Operations team will update the community on preparations for Survey Operations including serving data during pre-operations (simulated data, commissioning and science verification data), as well as an overview on data facilities and data rights. Attendees will also be updated on international In-kind partnerships, the Rubin-Euclid Derived Data Products Working Group and the Survey Cadence Optimization Committee. Finally, the team will discuss its commitment to improving Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion within the Rubin enterprise, providing information on initial actions that can be built into operations plan, including ways in which Rubin will support underserved groups in research.



Live Recording

Bob Blum
Tuesday, Aug 11
06:00 HST - 09:00 PT - 12:00 EDT - 18:00 CEST - 02:00 AET +1