Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Title: Roadmap to a more Just, Equitable, Diverse, and Inclusive Rubin Observatory

Abstract: This session will focus on recent efforts and actionable next steps to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within the Rubin Observatory Project, Science Collaborations, and broader user community. Anyone with questions or suggestions is encouraged to contact session chairs Federica Bianco and Keith Bechtol. The session organizers ask that, if you have time, to do some of the action items (below) before the session. Everyone is welcome to attend and participate regardless of whether you had time to do the pre-session activities.

Chairs: Federica Bianco and Keith Bechtol

Moderator: Andrés Plazas

Agenda: The agenda for the session includes time for individual reflection, breakout discussion, and large-group discussion. 

  • (5 min) Individual reflection on prompts below, in the main Zoom room
  • (30 min) Breakout discussion organized by “spheres of influence”, in Zoom breakout rooms (see list below)
  • (10 min) Individual and group reflection, in the main Zoom room

Goals of the Session:

  1. Establish a collective vision around a proposed long-term goal: maximize the number of students who self-identify as Black that pursue research involving Rubin Observatory data during the 10 years of LSST operations. 
  2. Recognize the need for second-order change to achieve this goal, and begin the process to envision what that change would look like.

Action items to do before the session:

  1. Watch a short video presentation introducing the session (below).
  2. View this short slide deck to better understand the session goals and activities.
  3. Fill out this Google form by 23:59 PDT Thursday 13 August to help us organize the breakout discussions. which will be organized by self-selected “spheres of influence” (your ability to affect change in your immediate surroundings). Please watch the short video before filling out the Google form.
  4. Go through the PCW week paying attention to the interactions within your Rubin community. Try to identify obstacles to inclusion and equity, and reflect on the ways in which our current culture is exclusionary.
  5. Read the chapter titled "A Call to Action" from the TEAM-UP Report, which motivates the need for deeper cultural change in our institutions.
  6. Read a primer on the “Theory of Change” process. We aim to take the first steps in this process on Friday: articulate the long-term goal and identify pre-conditions.
  7. Join the Slack channel for this session.

Breakout Discussion Zoom Rooms by Spheres of Influence

Join the Main Zoom Room at 9am PDT for an introduction. The session chairs will direct you to switch to one of these breakout rooms when it is time for discussion.



Other resources:  (many collected and/or created by Rubin Observatory colleagues)


Explicit List of all Zoom Rooms


Live Recording


Federica Bianco and Keith Bechtol
Friday, Aug 14
06:00 HST - 09:00 PT - 12:00 EDT - 18:00 CEST - 02:00 AET +1