Building Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion into New LSSTC Programs

Abstract: What if you could re-write the rules of academia?  What would you change to make research more joyous for black scientists, women, and other groups that are underrepresented in STEM?  LSSTC has received support from a private foundation to address just such questions as we design a suite of major new programs related to research with Rubin Observatory LSST.  Please join us for a discussion of this opportunity followed by some fun, interactive activities. All are welcome.

Session Agenda: The session will begin with LSSTC's Director for Science spending bout 20 minutes reminding people what LSSTC is, introducing the ambitious LSST Interdisciplinary Network for Collaboration and Computing that we are working to establish, and discussing its strategic goal of increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in astrophysics.  We will then split participants randomly into breakout rooms for 30 minutes to do an activity.  For the final 5 or 10 minutes, we will bring everyone back to the main Zoom room and ask representatives from each breakout room to share a key takeaway from their discussion on the Zoom chat or Slack channel.  Kim Briamonte will serve as scribe, and Andy Connolly will serve as moderator.




Live Recording

LSST Corporation
Friday, Aug 14
07:30 HST - 10:30 PT - 13:30 EDT - 19:30 CEST - 03:30 AET +1