Board Games

This social session will have a soft start at 4pm EDT (1pm PDT) with simulated "pool time" casual conversation, and then progress to board games.

To try to recapture the "socialising in the pool and then playing boardgames until 1am" spirit of the PCW we would like to attempt a social session. Starting with simulated pool time at 4pm EDT (1pm PDT): grab a drink (it's after lunch time somewhere) and join the Zoom from your nearest body of water (pool/pond/bathtub/river/sea). After 30-45 minutes of casual conversation we can set up to play some online games, table top simulator, board game arena, online dominion, etc. 

If you wish to play a specific game on steam or table top simulator, then post in Slack (#day3-wed-slot4-board-games) and find some people to play with in advance, so that people who need to download or install things can do so in advance (try to find free online versions). We can get this started with an offer from Meredith Rawls to play Scythe with people. In the Zoom room, we'll make a breakout room for each game as they get started.

Join the Slack channel: #day3-wed-slot4-board-games.

Join the Zoom meeting.

Sophie Reed
Wednesday, Aug 12
10:00 HST - 13:00 PT - 16:00 EDT - 22:00 CEST - 06:00 AET +1