Visualization Tools for Analysis and Commissioning

  • Posted on: 14 May 2018
  • By: cwalter

The LSST science community is now actively looking at simulated and re-processed data. This session will introduce the community to existing visualization tools that will be used in commissioning and to look at data in the LSST Science Platform and offline. From firefly, to ds9, to tools like afw_display, in this session we will get an overview of the tools we have now, and talk about tools that might be useful for the future. 



- The python graphics suite [see]
- Interactive tools for large datasets (bokeh / holoviews / datashader) see link to notebook.
- The Firefly display program [ see XXX]
- Exposure checker, Sky map and DES telemetery (see slides from Alex DW below)

Then, we will open the floor to community members to either show us useful visualizations or sketch out needs on paper.

Other demos included Grafana for ZTF by Andy C. and the Camera telemetry display from SLAC I&T by Tony J.