Sensor Characterization, Analysis and Simulation

  • Posted on: 15 May 2018
  • By: cwalter

A cross working group session with members from the Camera, Simulation, DM, and DESC sensor groups to discuss the status of the current status of understanding, simulating and analysis of data from the science sensors.  Tuesday 11:00 Presidio I. Bluejeans: 279 099 131.

- Intro - Chris W. (5’)

- Overview of the focal plane construction status with a focus on sensors - Steve R. - (10’)

Sensor measurements and characterization: what we have learned, what there is left to do — and when — and projected relevant characteristics of the remaining rafts.

- Summary of the various Camera information expected from I&T - Aaron  (10’)

What will be produced,  what form will it be provided in,  Discussion (maybe below): how will LSST will store and utilize this information, e.g. the xtalk coefficients

-  Review of the  non-standard sensor effects we have seen/studied on the camera/DESC side  , with the work left to do associated to them ( on the DM / Camera / DESC side ) - Pierre A (10’)

-  Overview  of the signature removal plan/status in DM, and the associated validation plan - Merlin (10’)

-  Documenting/validation of imSim sensor models  - Serge (10’)

-  B-F effect correction as in the Coulton, paper - Craig (10’)

-  LSST sensor characterization study updates - Bela / Emily (10’)

Work at SLAC on overscan/bias and BF.

- Discussion - How can we effectively work together and transfer information between the camera, DM and simulation teams efficiently (20’)