PSF Estimation

  • Posted on: 14 May 2018
  • By: jmeyers314

This session will focus on PSF estimation methods - and in particular what can be learned from PSF work occurring throughout the community.. Precursor surveys are dealing with some of the PSF estimation issues that LSST will face, and so this session would be an opportunity for LSST project personnel and community members to discuss PSF issue together. In addition, this session could be an opportunity for Camera & Telescope personnel to discuss how optics and focal plane performance may affect the LSST PSF.

Some questions we'd like to address include

Based on experience from working on DECam and HSC...

  • What balance of engineering models (Zemax, finite-element analyses, metrology, ...) and empirical models should we pursue for incorporation into science pipelines?
  • What engineering images (e.g., full-field out-of-focus donut images) taken during commissioning would be beneficial to help characterize the PSF for use in science pipelines?

We welcome additional questions from the community too.


  • Sensor+dithering stategy effect on residual PSF ellipticity (Tyson, 10 minutes)
  • Double Zernikes and Nodal Aberration Theory (Bauman, 15 minutes)
  • PSF modeling for DECam (Roodman, 12 minutes)
  • Optical PSF modeling for HSC (Meyers, 12 minutes)

Please contact Josh Meyers ( if you'd like to present work during this session.