Pipeline Development and Cadence Optimization for Solar System Science

  • Posted on: 14 May 2018
  • By: hhsieh

Updates from Project personnel about current development of the Moving Object Processing System (MOPS) for LSST and progress in evaluating impacts of proposed cadences on different areas of solar system science using the Operations Simulator (OpSim) and Metrics Analysis Framework (MAF), and discussion between Project personnel and interested scientists about upcoming MOPS development and cadence optimization efforts.

Proposed MOPS solar system data products table: http://ls.st/j7f


Moving Object Processing System (MOPS) overview -- Lynne Jones

OpSim/Metrics Analysis Framework (MAF) overview -- Lynne Jones

General discussion, possibly including following topics:
- MOPS data schema/data products
- Cadence optimization white papers
- Alert brokers