LSST Software Community "Stack Club"

  • Posted on: 8 May 2018
  • By: pjm

Come and learn about the LSST processing software (the "LSST Software Stack") by working your way through one of our community-built tutorial Jupyter notebooks, and then extending it to do the things you are most interested in. We'll provide access to a JupyterLab instance, so no installation will be required: you can just jump in. We'll give you a quick guided tour of the tutorials we've got, and a demonstration of one of them in action. Then, we'll break up into a short hack session. The Stack Club is an LSSTC-supported initiative that will be active by video through the Fall: you can get started in Tucson at the PCW, and then carry on learning with us when you get home. 

  • Welcome: Introduction to the Stack Club (Phil, ~15 mins) @drphilmarshall

  • Example Tutorial: "Low-Surface Brightness Source Detection" (Alex ~20 min)

  • How to Write a Stack Club Tutorial (~10 mins)

  • Halftime break

  • Divide into groups, to work through and discuss notebooks, and possible Stack Club projects (~ 40 min)

  • Closeout: How to join the Stack Club (Phil, 5 min)