LSST Code of Conduct

  • Posted on: 2 May 2018
  • By: cmontgomery

In order to serve various collaborations and communication channels throughout LSST, project members have created a multitude of documents highlighting required behaviors collectively known and “Codes of Conduct”. Do you know the various LSST Codes of Conduct? Would you know where to even access them? Do you feel comfortable utilizing these documents as tools if you need to have conversations about someone’s behavior?

This session would provide a high-level overview of what documents exist, where to access them and an opportunity to provide feedback. This session is open to all project members regardless of their home institution.

- Review What CoC’s are and where to access- high level summary
- Activity to solicit feedback regarding CoC’s
- Recap of what was captured in the discussion
- A next-steps process that will include review by an appropriate sub group and communication of final decisions