Interfacing with the Prompt Products Database

  • Posted on: 14 May 2018
  • By: swinbank

The Prompt Products Database is integral to the operation of the Alert Generation Pipeline. Prototypes of both that database and the pipeline exist, but there remain a number of open questions and unresolved issues about the interfaces between these systems.

In this session, we will present a brief introduction to the current state of the art, then walk through an example of processing a visit through the Alert Generation Pipeline and explore its interactions with the PPDB.

The indented audience for this session consists of DM architects and developers with an interest in the design of the alert production system


  • Definition of the PPDB (5 minutes, Eric Bellm)
  • l1dbproto design & result (15 minutes, Andy Salnikov)
  • AssociationTask: work to data and l1dbproto integration (15 minutes, Chris Morrison)
  • Whiteboard exercise: AP processing (55 minutes, John Swinbank drawing, everybody contributing)