EPO Open House

  • Posted on: 14 May 2018
  • By: abauer

The mission of LSST EPO is to provide non-specialists access to, and context for, a subset of LSST data through accessible and engaging online experiences so anyone can explore the Universe and be part of the discovery process. This Open House builds from the EPO Plenary talk in the morning. Please bring questions or ideas you have and we'll be happy to respond and discuss, or feel free to reach out to EPO prior to the session so we can be prepared to discuss your ideas (contact info below).  


  • Introduce members of the Education and Public Outreach team is building for LSST
  • Poll attendees abut what topics they would like to discuss (including formal education, citizen science, skyviewer exploration tool, opportunities for you to contribute to EPO construction, the Operations website, etc)
  • Actively set remaining agenda for the session based on your live feedback!  
  • (If no participants suggest topics, I will go into more details about the EPO program than there was time for during the EPO Plenary) 


For questions or suggestions or contributions, please contact the Head of EPO Amanda Bauer, abauer@lsst.org @astropixie