Commissioning Verification Planning Working Session 1

  • Posted on: 14 May 2018
  • By: bselvy

This sessions is intended for LSST Project personnel, particularly those directly involved in commissioning planning.  We use these sessions to take several high level system requirements and develop detailed verification plans and tests down to specifying required input data, procedures, and post processing necessary to satisfy the verification requirements. At each stage of the verification process, we will identify personnel roles and locations where the specific activities will be conducted. Candidate Observatory System Specifications that will be addressed are:
OSS-REQ-0219: Wavefront Sensing on Sky Efficiency
OSS-REQ-0222: Ghost Image Control
OSS-REQ-0237: Filter Out of Band Constraints
OSS-REQ-0247: Total Optical Throughput
OSS-REQ-0334: Flat Fielding Allocations
OSS-REQ-0276: Calibration of the Atmospheric Transmission
OSS-REQ-0298: Absolute Pointing

As time permits we make simulate the activity flow for one of the verification events detailed.

Part 2 is in the same room at 1:30 PM.