Blending Workshop 6 - Clues About Blending in the LSST Object Catalog

  • Posted on: 14 May 2018
  • By: ferguson

The goal for this session is to encourage further discussion about the fields in the object catalog (as currently envisioned, or as part of a wish list) that might be used to:

  • identify potentially unrecognized blends,
  • distinguish complex sources, such as mergers, from blended objects,
  • find large-scale, low surface-brightness features that might masquerade as background,
  • assess possible contamination from identified neighbors, for photometry or shapes.

Please contact the session organisers if you would like to contribute a talk to this session

Participants are encouraged to review the Data Products Definition Document, section 4.3.1 in particular and consider how one might use queries to find objects of interest or concern.

Tentative Agenda 

Fred Moolekamp -- Blending Challenges

20 min Jim Bosch -- The Object Catalog & Responses to issues raised in earlier blending sessions

10 min Fred Moolecamp -- Parameters output by Scarlet deblender

1 hour General discussion ... including 10min talk from Benne Holwerda on overlapping galaxies

Please add entries to this table with suggestions for Object catalog parameters that
might provide hints on blending:

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Or add your thoughts to the scribe notes in the Google doc:

Google doc for scribe notes (key findings, next steps, actionable items).