Blending Workshop 5 - Tools and Data Sets for Developing and Evaluating Algorithms for Blended Objects

  • Posted on: 14 May 2018
  • By: pburchat

This session is dedicated to a discussion and comparison of current or planned tools that ingest real data (e.g., images from space, convolved with a ground-based PSF) or simulations, or embed simulated objects in real data, to provide training or test data sets for developing and evaluating algorithms to deal with blended objects.

AGENDA - As well as an overview of real or simulated data sets, we will hear about a few specific illustrative examples.

All presentations are in the single set of attached slides.

1.  Combining existing space & ground imaging - overview  - Harry Ferguson
  -  Example: HST/HSC - Will Dawson
2.  Catalog-based simulations - two blending-analysis examples.
3.  Pixel-level simulation tool kits -
  -  Example 1: Weak Lensing Deblending package - David Kirkby
  -  Example 2: Blending Tool Kit - Sowmya Kamath
  -  Example 3: Chromatic Real Galaxy - Sowmya Kamath
4.  Generative models for simulation - overview & examples - David Kirkby
5.  Simulations embedded in real data -
  -  Example:  Balrog (Dark Energy Survey) - Eric Huff

Discussion and planning.

Google doc for scribe notes (key findings, next steps, actionable items).

Session organisers: Pat Burchat and David Kirkby.