Blending Workshop 3 - Hands-on Deblending: Simulations and Pipeline Tutorial

  • Posted on: 14 May 2018
  • By: fred3m

This session will use Jupyter notebook tutorials to introduce tools for producing simulations of blended objects and running the new SCARLET deblender. The purpose is to prepare participants to characterize blending challenges for different science cases. Experts will be available in the DM hack room later in the workshop to help people make progress on the tutorials.


We will briefly (~5-10 min) review the model and key data structures in SCARLET, then users will connect to the LSST Science Platform Notebook Aspect ( to access two tutorials.

  1. A notebook demonstrating how to use scarlet as a stand alone package and interacively modifying it's parameters
  2. A notebook illustrating how to use scarlet in the DM stack.

Google doc for scribe notes (key findings, next steps, actionable items).