LSST Dark Energy Science Collaboration Blending Task Force Presentations

10/02/2017 Jim Bosch LSST Data Release Pipelines; Big Questions for Blending animated google presentation, pdf Zoom
10/16/2017 Peter Melchior, Fred Moolekamp Multi-band deblending for LSST (also see 05/07/2018 presentation on Scarlet) [arXiv:1708.09066)] Peter (pdf), Fred (pdf) Zoom
10/23/2017 Gary Bernstein Shear estimation with Bayesian Fourier Domain (BFD) method; thoughts on blending at LSST depths pdf Zoom
10/30/2017 Simon Samuroff Im3shape and blending in DES pdf Zoom
11/06/2017 Erin Sheldon The MOF deblender used in DES + discussion of interplay with metacalibration pdf Zoom
11/20/2017 Robert Lupton Failure modes due to blended objects, at LSST depth (e.g., HSC), in detection, photometry, shape measurements, etc. pdf Zoom
11/27/2017 Rachel Mandelbaum Shear estimation and blending in HSC pdf N/A
12/04/2017 Ian Dell'Antonio, Shenming Fu, Binyang Liu Effects of blending on cluster shear profiles google presentation (updated Aug 2018) N/A
12/18/2017 Laurence Perreault Levasseur Convolutional neural networks and independent component analysis of multi-filter imaging data (continued on Jan 29) [arXiv:1708.08842] pdf N/A
01/22/2018 David Kirkby Image simulations for blended objects pdf Zoom
01/29/2018 Laurence Perreault Levasseur Convolutional neural networks and independent component analysis of multi-filter imaging data (continued from Dec 18) pdf N/A
02/26/2018 Benne Holwerda What do we know about occulting galaxy pairs? [arXiv:1605.02420] pdf Zoom
03/05/2018 Joachim Harnois-Deraps Testing the blend-exclusion bias on cosmic shear with mocks lensing data [arxiv:1805.04511] pdf Zoom
03/19/2018 Erin Sheldon Single object co-adds: implementations and testing pdf Zoom
04/16/2018 Alexie Leauthaud Study of photometric performance of HSC pipeline by superimposing GalSim images on HSC images (SynPipe) arXiv:1705.01599, SynPipe github  
04/30/2018 Raphael Shirley Using the Bayesian Evidence for Source Extraction, Model Comparison and Deblending pdf N/A
05/07/2018 Peter Melchior, Fred Moolekamp Improvements to SCARLET deblender,  update on integration into the LSST stack, and future directions in deblending (including multi-survey) [arXiv:1802.10157] Fred (pdf), Peter (pdf) Zoom
05/21/2018 Sowmya Kamath Quantifying effects of blending using simulated galaxy pairs + Hybrid use of the LSST science pipelines & Scarlet pdf Zoom
06/18/2018 Jim Bosch Co-addition algorithms and impacts of blending animated google presentation Zoom
07/02/2018 Cyrille Doux Deblending galaxies with deep, convolutional, probabilistic neural networks pdf 1st half of Zoom
07/02/2018 Sowmya Kamath Addressing blending challenges with neural networks – A case study: Mask R-CNN animated google presentation, pdf 2nd half of Zoom
07/24/2018 Francois Lanusse CMU DeepLens: Deep Learning For Automatic Image-based Galaxy-Galaxy Strong Lens Finding [arXiv:1703.02642]   N/A