The Fourth SCOC-Science Collaborations Workshop (virtual)


IMPORTANT: Please join the slack channel #scoc-workshop4 on the LSSTC slack for communication related to this workshop, in real-time or asynchronously

VIDEO RECORDINGS of the workshop are available made available in the Agenda page along with slides


After the 2023 PCW, the Survey Cadence Optimization Committee (SCOC) activated three task forces involving key members of the community to finalize three of the six outstanding recommendations identified in PSTN-055 (Survey Cadence Optimization Committee’s Phase 2 Recommendations, Section 4): (1) on the optimization of the survey strategy for the Milky Way sky (Chairs: Jay Strader and Rachel Street), (2) on the assessment of the impact of rolling strategies on the uniformity of coadded stacks (chair: Rachel Mandelbaum), and (3) on the DDFs intranight cadence (chair Saurabh Jha). Furthermore, as planned in PSTN-055, the Observing Strategy team has updated the system throughput to reflect both measurements of the camera system and evolving plans for mirror coating (


In this workshop, we will hear reports and plans from the task forces on Milky Way strategy, Uniformity of coadds, and DDF strategy.


The SCOC invite community feedback on science cases that are believed to be impacted by the modified filter balance induced from the updates on system throughput (see and invites community members to present science cases sensitive to u-band depth (single image and coadd) in particular and welcomes community contributions to the survey strategy optimization - please indicate your interest in presenting in the sign up fgorm.




Registration will be open until January 12, 2024.

The recording of a session about survey strategies at the Project and Community Workshop 2023 is available at most recent Opsims and their analysis using system and community metrics are described in

Agenda (with slides and video links)