Agenda (with video recordings)

Timezone is Pacific.

Day 1: Nov 2, 2022 

Session 1 (9:00AM-10:30AM): 

SCOC draft Phase 2 process to and from here: Federica Bianco (15 min)

SCOC draft Phase 2 recommendations presentation (Lynne Jones) & Simulations (Peter Yoachim) (60 min)

Q/A  (15 min)

Break: 10:30AM-10:45AM  

Session 2 (10:45AM-1:00PM): Analysis of v2 Survey Cadence Simulations and Science Collaborations feedback

Comparison of v2.x and current baselines: Lynne Jones (30 min)

Science Collaborations feedback / breakout rooms for discussions:  SC representatives (80 min)


Day 2: Nov 3, 2022


Session 3 (9:00AM-10:30AM): Future survey refinement processes and the role of the SCOC and community in Operations  

Looking ahead:

- Introduction of new SCOC members

- Communication Process and feedback through December 2022

- SCOC role  in Operation Y1

Community feedback  

Break: 10:30AM-10:45AM

Session 4 (10:45AM-1:00PM): Community and SC feedback on the current reccommendations

Survey Cadence Optimization Information Webpage (with workshop updates):