The Third SCOC-Science Collaborations Workshop (virtual)

IMPORTANT: please join the slack channel #scoc-workshop3 on the LSSTC slack for communication related to this workshop, in real time or asynchronously

VIDEO RECORDINGS of the workshop are availble in the Agenda page




The Survey Cadence Optimization Committee (SCOC) will present the draft Phase 2 recommendation for the initial survey strategy. The draft will be available ahead of the workshop at this link.  This initial survey strategy attempts to optimize as many science programs as possible, while requiring that all four core science themes continue to meet their requirements. 

This document will include background and information about SCOC process, a short summary of the Phase 1 recommendations, Phase 2 recommendations, and a detailed discussion of the proposed simulation of the initial survey strategy for LSST which will also be made available on this website. The recommendations will be finalized by December 15, 2022 and lead to the implementation of the survey, once integrated with system knowledge as acquired in Commissioning and Science Validation and Verification. 

We invite the community to review the current simulation and recommendations with us with the goal to identify any points of failure. 

This workshop is designed for stakeholders with a keen interest in helping design and analyze survey strategy options for the LSST, and it is open to the entire LSST user community. We encourage early career researchers to participate in this workshop. 

Registration will be open until November 1st, 2022.

Note that the recording of a session about survey strategies at the 2022 Project and Community Workshop (Aug 8, 2022) is available as, and the discussion on the questions currently pursued by the SCOC is open on community at 
Four new simulations have been released on 10/25. A description, link to the simulation databases, and a notebook analyzing them can be found at

Agenda (with slides and video links)

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