In-kind Proposal Workshop

This session is intended to be a workshop for teams planning to submit full proposals to make in-kind contributions to Rubin Observatory and/or LSST science support, in exchange for LSST data rights.  The workshop will start with a walk-through of the guidelines in the Handbook for Proposal Teams.  This will include highlights within each general class of contributions, as well as how to think about the valuation of various efforts.  We will continue by describing the review and assessment process, to be conducted by Rubin and the Contribution Evaluation Committee, and finally walk through the exmple (successful!) proposal in the Handbook, which illustrates the guidelines and demonstrates the process by which proposals will be rearranged into a Statements of Work and Detailed Plans, which in turn will allow for the contributions to be readily tracked. We’ll go quickly over the Handbook material, and aim to spend about 50% of the workshop time in Q&A with the assembled proposal teams - and so we ask all participants to have read the Handbook carefully in advance of the workshop.

Link to the Handbook:

Session Assignment - Rubin 2020 In-Kind Proposal Workshop


Live Recording

Phil Marshall
Tuesday, Aug 11
09:00 HST - 12:00 PT - 15:00 EDT - 21:00 CEST - 05:00 AET +1