In-Kind Information is now available here.

The CEC Chair provides regular reports to the Rubin Observatory Operations Director and the US funding agencies, NSF and DOE, but also keeps the LSST science community informed on the committee’s progress as appropriate. The updates below provide links to the CEC Chair's tagged posts to the public web forum community.lsst.org. To browse these posts on the forum itself, follow this link

January 18, 2020: CEC Charge and Science Collaboration Representation

We received a very positive response to our October invitations to the international LSST community to submit Letters of Intent (LOIs) to make in-kind contributions in return for LSST data rights. As the agencies approve each LOI for further development, I am passing them to our all-new Contribution Evaluation Committee (CEC). Read more on community.lsst.org

October 30, 2019: International Data Rights and In-kind Contributions

Since the August Project and Community Workshop, Bob and I have been working to set up a process for international groups to obtain LSST data rights, following the guidance given to us by the US funding agencies earlier this year. This update is to let you all know how this will work in practice, so that we can all support our international colleagues. Read more here on community.lsst.org ...