Unraveling the origin of a crowded and dusty milky way with a novel method for u-band calibration and future with LSST

Atharva Sunil Patil

The Milky Way galaxy is a benchmark for studying the history of disk galaxies across the universe. Moreover, the galactic plane contains > ½ of Baryonic mass in the whole of Milky way, thus, being an impeccable resource for stellar census, understanding star formation history, metallicity and much more. However, it has also been an understudied resource due to stellar density as well as extinction caused by interstellar dust. Here, we focus on understanding metallicity and using it along with modern surveys and dust extinction maps to find an alternate, photometry based method for calibrating the challenging u-band data instead of the traditional methods.

Keywords: Milky Way, Metallicity, Dust extinction, Bayesian Statistics, Machine Learning


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Career Stage: 
Grad Student