SNAD Viewer: a portal for ZTF DR light curves

The SNAD Viewer is a web portal designed for astronomers, offering a unified view of individual objects from the Zwicky Transient Facility's (ZTF) data releases. This platform integrates data from multiple publicly accessible astronomical archives and sources. The Viewer provides a comprehensive, multi-dimensional view of ZTF sources and has evolved into a valuable community asset. The SNAD Viewer uses various data sources, including the VizieR service, MAST for Pan-STARRS, Open Astronomy Catalog API for the OSC, the ESA Gaia Archive, and its own services for few more catalogs. The infrastructure is scalable, flexible, and can be personalized for use by other surveys and scientific objectives. The Viewer underscores the vital role of domain experts in the era of big data in astronomy, and with the arrival of the upcoming generation of large-scale surveys, similar systems will be paramount in enabling optimal exploitation of the scientific potential enclosed in current terabyte and future petabyte-scale data sets. The Viewer is publicly available online at

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