Exploring the mass to light ratio of massive galaxies with the Rubin Observatory data preview

Denvir Higgin

The Vera C. Rubin Observatory will perform the 10-year long Legacy Survey of Space and Time expected to begin in 2025.  In collaboration with the scientific community and based on the Outer Rim Simulation, the Rubin Observatory released a simulated dataset (DP0) of the data that is expected to be in hand at the 5-year mark. Using this simulated dataset, we explore the number and luminosity of the most massive galaxies locally and calculate the expected location of strong lensing arcs. When the observatory comes online, we will be able to use this work to identify a sample of massive, early universe galaxies that will be good candidates for finding the dynamical mass with spectroscopic follow-up. Eventually, this will help determine whether the mass to light ratio of massive high-z galaxies is like that of today’s galaxies.


This poster will be displayed on Monday and Tuesday.


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Undergrad Student