Euclid and the Golden Age of Optical/IR Survey Astronomy


Jason Rhodes

If all has gone well by the time I give this talk, the European Space Agency's Euclid mission will be about a month into its journay to L2.  Once at L2 Euclid will kick off a Golden Age for optical/NIR survey astronomy.   I will give an overview of Euclid's cosmology science objectives and explain how these objectives will be achieved by the two cameras on Euclid whcih will perform a 6-year, 15,000 square degree survey including high-resoltuion visible imaging and near-infrared imaging and spectescopy.  I will discuss Euclid synergies NASA's Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope and the Vera Rubin Observatory, which will join Euclid to enable the aforementioned 'Golden Age.' I will give a taste of the huge amount of additional, non-cosmology science Euclid's surveys will enable and I will discuss how the combination of Euclid and Rubin data and eventually Euclid, Rubin, and Roman data will enable the upco,ing  Golden Age of survey aastronomy. 


This talk will be given in the Rubin Science Medley session.


Career Stage: 
Senior Researcher/Faculty